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Another great day in the Bahamas

Posted by on April 3, 2018

We ate some good food at C.J.’s Deli today –  conch fritters, plantains, fried conch, chicken, burgers, etc. Ty tried to catch a seagull, luring them with french fries. We did some service work at a local church. We snorkeled at Three Sisters. Lots of spearfishing – about 8 fish caught. We saw big bull sharks in the harbor including a feeding frenzy. The kids made a friend with a local boy named Narj. We saw an old friend named Caleb. Currently at anchor off the northwest shore of North Bimini. Had a delicious dinner of cheeseburgers, complete with live entertainment – guitar music ala Gordon and Mr. Bob. Fishing late into the night – William caught a shark; Mr. Bob caught a mahoghany snapper; lots of snapped lines. Some technogeeks spent some time watching funny videos.

One Response to Another great day in the Bahamas

  1. Rebecca Diaz

    Oh wow! Awesome, William!

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