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Our summer 2018 trip will be from July 12 – 27. This includes the road trip down to Key Largo and back.

Our meet time is 9AM on Thursday July 12 at the Ocean Springs Airport. We’ll head out as soon as possible after gathering and drive as a group to our local Customs office to sign up our crew members in the Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS). This will make coming back into the U.S. easier. Here is the link for the online application for the SVRS: 

It asks for an area and office. Use New Orleans area and Gulfport office. You don’t have to fill out anything about the boat. Just skip that part. They’ll email a confirmation number to you. Bring that confirmation number with you when we meet, along with your passport.

After that, we’ll drive to the Florida Caverns in Marianna. Friday the 13th, we’ll drive down to Lake Panasoffkee, and we’ll finish the road trip on Saturday the 14th. We’ll make a grocery store stop in Key Largo, load the boat Saturday evening and then leave Key Largo by boat on Sunday July 15th. We’ll arrive in Bimini that evening.

While in the Bahamas, we’ll visit North Bimini, South Bimini, Gun Cay, Great Isaac Island, North Cat Cay, and possibly the Berry Islands. We’re considering sailing to Grand Bahama or Nassau as well. We’ll decide on the particular islands as a crew when we get together, of course considering the immediate weather considerations.

We’ll return by boat to Florida on Thursday July 24th. We will anchor at Rodriguez Key for the night and return to the dock Friday morning, the 25th. After off-loading the boat, we’ll head to the Miami customs office (or maybe not if all goes well with the SVRS), and then drive to Lake Panasoffkee, FL to stay the night. We’ll drive the rest of the way home on Saturday (July 26) and Sunday (July 27).


What to Bring:
Soft luggage – not hard luggage
Small flashlight
Medication you are on
Sleeping bag
Snorkel equipment – possibly a swim skin to stop you getting sunburned while in the water
Several t-shirts, shorts and swim shorts or suits
Pajama’s– it can cool down considerably at night
Flip flops
Rain jacket/trousers – lightweight as it is still very hot
Sunscreen – high SPF factor
Mosquito/bug repellent
Hat – good idea to have a strap so it doesn’t blow away
Sunglasses – also a good idea to have a strap, and float
Drinking cup that you can easily identify as yours
Towels and toiletries
Medical Insurance information
Spending money
Fishing rod and tackle box (optional)
Musical instrument
Food or snacks for trip
Anything you may find useful to the group as a whole
Good attitude!
Note – There is no Walmart in Bimini or anywhere around there!