At Big Game Club

We had a nice night on the boat at Gun Cay last night. The group had fun running the dinghy, talked to some girls on the beach, fed stingrays, and then we motored north to Big Game Club. Big Game has a pool and shore power so we’re going to be cool! Since we’ve already been one night on the hook, we’ve decided to stay for two nights at Big Game. We’ll explore the island, have a picnic with the locals, and tomorrow afternoon, snorkel 3-Sisters reef. Wednesday we plan to voyage to Great Isaac Island.

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Gulf Stream Crossing

The crossing went well. We’re anchored in the lee of Gun Cay. We’ll go into Alice Town a bit later when the wind shifts. Until then we’re in a great spot.

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Wow! What a day! We had SUNSHINE on our drive to Ft Lauderdale. We had a problem finding a spot to park the RV for the week. Ultimately parked it at Paradise Island RV Park in Lauderdale. With all that we got a late start. We went through 2 bridge openings and out to the ocean. We’re in about 15 knots of breeze making our way across the Gulf Stream.

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Arrived Safely in Ft. Pierce

We’re staying at Road Runner RV Travel Resort in Ft. Pierce tonight. We traveled slowly today through rain and torrential rain and even some dry spots.. The wind was strong at times too. We pulled in at about 6 pm. All daylight driving today. Fred, Bryley, Maddox, Dan, and Bob are playing ping pong. Robert, Paxton, William and Hutch are watching a movie and probably eating everything in sight. Maybe if it clears we can use the pool or play mini golf. Most of all, everyone is looking forward to a relatively short drive to Ft. Laudetdale tomorrow morning. We’re going to stock up on provisions at Publix and then on to Fun in the Sun to board our boat, Sundance. All are safe and well.

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Safe and secure in Lamont, Florida

We pulled into our campground just past Tallahassee at about 9 pm. We managed to stay ahead of the storms the whole way so the drive was good. Cheesy chicken and peas for dinner while rolling down the road was simply delicious! The gang watched a couple of movies on the way too. All are safe, well, and happy and are now sleeping. I will be too about 2 seconds after I send this!

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Departing Soon – Weather Forecast

School will let out early today due to an approaching weather front from the west. We’ll be departing SSC at approximately 1:00 pm.  This should put us a few hours ahead of the front and hopefully we’ll stay out in front! In any case, leaving earlier is better considering the weather and better considering more daylight drive time and an earlier arrival in Tallahassee tonight. There is rain in the forecast tomorrow, so we’ll take it slow and easy as conditions dictate down to Fort Lauderdale.  The good news is that the weather should move out by Saturday morning with 15 knot westerlies early, diminishing to about 10 knots as the day progresses. This should push us toward the Bahamas in good conditions. Seas should be 1-2 meters initially and improving to 1 meter as we progress. Of course all of this is a couple of days out, but the bottom line is conditions are favorable for a good Gulf Stream crossing.

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Do you have your passport yet?

You must have a passport to go to the Bahamas. A passport card will work fine, but most people opt for the normal passport book. If you need to get a passport quickly, please click here for step-by-step instructions. Do not delay – time is of the essence!

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Check out our upcoming trip!

Check out our upcoming trip! Be sure to click the full page icon (looks like a square) on the bottom bar.

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Spring 2019 Bahamas Trip

Our next trip to the Bahamas will be April 18-28. If you’re interested in the trip, please sign up quickly as the spots are already filling up! Click here for all the details and forms.


Departure – Thursday April 18, 2019, right after school, drive to Tallahassee
Arrival in Ft. Lauderdale – Friday April 19
Sailing Saturday April 20 – Saturday April 27
Departing Ft. Lauderdale – April 27
Returning home – April 28

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Day 16 – Marianna to Home!!

Our last day – wow! It seems like we just left home and now the trip is almost over. We stopped at the Florida Caverns visitor’s center on the way out, and most of the group toured the caves. Then it was homeward bound. We actually didn’t stop at all the rest of the way home. The trip was a total success and every member of the group contributed to that success. Well done, crew!

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